Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 18

Julie raised the Pokeball and a red stream shot out and grabbed the Sandshrew and it disappeared. Franklin raised his and the celebrating Squirtle vanished.

The trainers raised their next ball and threw it, “Woah, we have a Ratticate for Julie and a Krabby for Franklin!”

Franklin stared at his Pokemon deeply never-resting. Krabby had large pincers with thin eyes  and it walked side to side. Krabby eyed Raticate, white long belly and brown outer coat with large sharp teeth with whiskers thin and scraping the ground.

The pincers snapped together and Franklin saw his Vulpix where Raticate was standing. Vulpix gazed into his eyes and licked her paw.

“Raticate, quick attack!” Raticate charged head first into Krabby’s torso, launching Krabby into a jagged rock.

Franklin rubbed sweat from his forehead and looked for his Vulpix and only saw Krabby on shaky legs sinking into the earth.

“Again Raticate, quick attack!” Raticate appeared in a blur and rammed the Krabby towards the feet of Franklin with swirls in his eyes.

“Krabby is unable to continue the battle. Julie wins this round!”

Julie returned the Raticate and Franklin stared at the Krabby with an open mouth and a pale thin face.



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