Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 20

“Congratulations, Franklin, your Pokemon please,” Ivy’s aide said and Franklin complied. Franklin watched Julie do the same at the other exit and she was greeted by an older man wearing referee garb,

“What happened out there today,” Julie jabbed. “I was not supposed to lose to some rookie punk! How could he end up with a fire Pokemon when I specifically asked for my Vileplume?”

“I don’t know how he ended up with the Vulpix. The only Vulpix family is kept close to Ivy’s facility so it is possible for some to be in this tournament. You still should have been able to beat the rookie, according to his father, this was his first ever battle. You telling me the daughter of a gym leader lost to a rookie. I saw you stand there like a Stantler in the headlights.” Julie stared at the ground unable to answer.

The older man’s voice was rough and didn’t echo through the halls like Julie’s voice. He continued, “This was your tournament to win and you couldn’t hold up your end of the deal. Your mother will hear from us, will be in touch.” The older man turned and left the hallway.

Julie stood by herself still staring at the ground unable to move or speak. The aides rushed passed her and Franklin with Vileplume on a gurney, rushing for the emergency exit.


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