Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 22

“Trainers, you’ve made it pass the first round robin,” Professor Ivy said looking down at the remaining trainers from her podium. “Come fresh and ready because the battles will continue tomorrow!”

The trainers scurried towards the exit. The crisp night took Franklin by surprise as the chill air crushed his available skin. Franklin looked for Martin in the crowd and only catching rushing faces. The faces were two sides of the same coin, either excited for the next day or the regret of a miscalculations of the last.

“Hey, Franklin,” Vanessa stood behind with Daisy and Tyler, each wearing the two different faces. “Where is your dad?”

Franklin only looked around without words. “Want to come back to our house?”

Franklin looked back at Vanessa and Daisy’s and Tyler’s faces were the same.

“We live far but we should get there before it gets too dark.”

“Would your parent’s mind?”

“They aren’t actually home. Probably won’t be back until the end of the tournament.”

Franklin looked around again at the decreasing amount of trainers by the seconds. Daisy walked near Franklin, “Common, if we wait to long the Gastly’s come out.” Out reaching her hand, Daisy grabbing Franklin’s



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