Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 23

The night hooted as we walked the dimly lit path. Tyler’s adrenaline still maxed from his victory, sharing every flash of detail with Daisy.

“Vanessa,” Franklin started to grab her attention from the path ahead.

“How come you didn’t battle in the first round?”

Vanessa turned, “The winner of the league last year gets to skip the first couple rounds.” She turned her attention back to the road ahead.

Who, who, who echoed through the forest and pairs of round jeweled eyes followed Franklin’s every step. Daisy and Tyler rushed to Vanessa’s side with their Pokeballs in hand.

Vanessa halted. Her brother and sister stopped closely with Greg and Daisy at the ready. The who’s flew threw Vanessa’s fingers like high noon. Than she ran.

Tyler and Daisy chased her into the night. Caught shocked, Franklin raced to keep up.

The jewels vanished and flying Pokemon darted out from the shadows. Red lights cracked the night and quickly replaced by shocking yellow flash. Silence owned the night.


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