Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 24

The gray smoke rose into the night sky, revealing singed winged Pokemon flapping in all directions. Next to Vanessa stood a large mustard mouse with a lighting bolt tail. The mouse’s shoulder had a fanged scar as the moon passed through the clouds.

“Good Job, Jacob,” Vanessa said returning Jacob to his ball. The family trouted along the aligned path with Franklin close behind.

The sea of trees parted and Vanessa stood in front of a log built home. The family with no hesitation entered and Franklin continued to stagger. The cozy home showed no sign of barren.

Framed pictures decorated the walls. Places and people Franklin didn’t recognize posed with Pokemon.

“This is our family. All around the regions,” Vanessa said. “That out Uncle, Lt. Surge, he’s retiring this year so our cousin is applying to take his place.” Lt. Surge was a mountain of a man standing next to a mustard mouse similiar to Vanessa’s.

“This way Franklin, your room is ready.” Daisy rushed from the open door, the bed was freshly made, floors clean, and another couple of pictures on a oak dresser.

“Goodnight, Franklin.”

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