Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 25

Storm charged Pokemon extend their eyes onto the mask of Franklin. Hoot’s chanted through the onyx forest bouncing back and forth through the trees. Franklin looks around for Vanessa and her Pokemon.


The hoot’s emerged louder from higher branches pouring over the dimming trail. Leaves fell to the ground around the forsaken shrub. 

“Vanessa! Where are you? Todd? Daisy?”

The Pokemon climbed into the cloudy moonlight, revealing sandy wings and crystal eyes. The Pokemon dove towards Fan-out


Franklin gasped for air and looked around the lit bedroom.

“Franklin? I heard you calling me.”

Vanessa worried expression was shielded from her younger siblings peaking through a ajar slit. 

“Yeah, I’m okay. Sorry for waking you guys.”

Vanessa looked at the window, “It’s already almost time to go for the second round. You must of had a long day.”

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