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Trainer Orange Ep. 26

The sun peaked through the open windows onto a shy Greg eating Pokechow.  Franklin remembered seeing Pokechow in Pokemarts with Tina shopping for her Dodou.

“Hey, Franklin! Come outside with me, we have a little time before we need to leave, so I want to track some Pokemon,” Daisy said with glee in her eyes. Franklin turned to see Vanessa feeding her Pokemon, the large mustard mouse, Raichu. The other two Pokemon that surrounded Vanessa, Franklin could only get a peek at before being rushed out by Daisy.

The sun illuminated the tree’s covering the bay of Tangelo Island. Daisy stared at the ground, brushing her fingers against groves left from a large Pokemon.

“This way, Franklin,” Daisy said. She walked at pace, following the tracks.

The forest was hoot free, smaller bug Pokemon roamed the trees, similar to Martin’s Caterpie.

“Franklin, you’ve caught a Pokemon before right,” Daisy asked, sniffing a cracked branch.

“Once, all I did was throw a ball.”

“Oh okay. Not going to be able to just throw a ball at this one.”

“How else do you catch Pokemon?” Daisy halted and stared at a shrub surrounded by no trees. The sun peered directly above the shrub and Daisy. A high pitch cry came from the shrub, and a Pokemon exited.

The Pokemon had a dark blue coat and a shortened horn on her forehead.

“That’s a Nidorina, been tracking her for a week now. Go, Daisy!”

Daisy through her ball and Daisy exited. The Oddish shook her leaves helm and faced the Nidorina.


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