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Trainer Orange Ep. 27

Daisy and Daisy stared down the Nidorina.

“Go, Daisy, Razor Leaf!”

Thin leaves shot from Daisy’s mane shot towards Nidorina. She turned her horn to the side and took the sharp leaves to the side. Nidorina cried and darted away from the shrub charging, leading with her skull.

“Daisy, to the side and use Acid!” Nidorina swung wide and Daisy released dark plum sludge towards the feral Nidorina. The wild Pokemon shook the Acid off its hide and the spikes from her spine turned a similar plum and began charging recklessly towards Daisy.

Daisy smirked, “Daisy, now! Sleeping powder!” Daisy shook her large leaf brow and a thin layer of magenta dust poured into the air surrounding Nidorina. A step or two into the head on assault, the Nidorina dropped into a heavy sleep. Daisy revealed a Pokeball from her pocket.

Low squeals developed from the identical shrub Nidorina inhabited. Small Pokemon, the same complexion as the Nidorina squealed, four smaller Nidorans stumbled around the grass.

Daisy stared at the baby Pokemon and returned the Pokeball and retrieved Daisy’s. The stream of red light retracted Daisy into her Pokeball.

“Daisy? Are you going to catch it,” Franklin asked watching the sleeping Pokemon.

Daisy turned around and headed back in the direction of her home leaving Franklin slugging behind with his head turned behind him watching the tamed Pokemon.

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