Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 28

Daisy followed her own tracks back to her home.

Thunder struck the earth sending a tremble below Franklin’s feet. Daisy relieved herself of grief and rushed to the epicenter. Franklin followed close, watching the sky slice into pieces by thunder. The roof of the cabin sinked into visibility and Vanessa’s battle. Her Raichu stood strong in front of a trio of uninvited guest.

Two men returned feinted Pokemon to their respective balls. The third, Franklin stared at intensely. The man who confronted Julia after their battle.

“You can leave now,” Vanessa demanded.

“Oh dearest, I’ll be back and next time, you won’t be able to refuse.” The three men walked into the forest as the older man gave Franklin a smirk.

Tyler revealed himself behind the door and approached Vanessa as Daisy did.

“It’s about time we go, guys. The next round will start soon!” Tyler and Daisy’s face vanished into the cabin with their bodies trotting behind. Vanessa recalled Raichu,

“You recognize that man. Didn’t you, Franklin?” Franklin could only muster a nod similar to Julia.

Vanessa turned her back to Franklin and began to walk into the cabin,

“Just… just stay away from him.”

Franklin stood in the chirping forest amongst thunder craters.

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