Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 29

-Sea of golden flakes dropped from the sky, surrounding barring dipped from rainbow tastings. Wind currents shook the flakes around on miniture hurricanes surrounding Franklin.

The magestic bird whore red and white feathers, golden talens with a matching crown on her brow. Deep emerald eyes stared Franklin deep into the earth, shrunk to a bust bunny on her majastey’s will.

The large Pokemon cried and flapped into the sun, leaving behind a rainbow trail with every flap.-

“Thee end. What did you think Franklin?’

“Awesome, mom!” Does Ho-Oh only show herself to strong trainers?”

“No my sweet boy never.” Franklin’s demeanor shrieks to match his stature.

“She will only appear for the best.”


Franklin recalled that story as Vanessa chased her younger siblings. A true vision of greatness, landing, commading only the greatest. Rumors Red met her, Franklin watched Vanessa closely. Watching her clothes swing goldenly.

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