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Trainer Orange Ep. 31

“Voltorb is down! Voltrob is down! Max tales the lead,” the announcer shouted, igniting the Max chants through the crowd.

Vanessa recalled the idle Voltorb and stared at the ball.

“What happened to sis? I’ve never seen her battle like that,” Tyler said.

Franklin watched Vanessa staring at her remaining Pokemon.

“Yeah, she used to have a Voltorb, I know she could have won that round,” Daisy said.

‘Max, Max, Max!’

Vanessa released her second Pokemon, “A Pikachu! That’s a Vanessa classic!”

“Max second Pokemon is a Natu!”

“A Natu! Pikachu has a big type advantage against Natu,” Tyler shouted.

Vanessa watched Natu flap side to side, tuning into the Max chants, flaring fanatics blackened by Bulk berry sized lights. Natu’s small body flapped violently along the wind stream of the water arena. Pikachu stood on the edge of the body, watching the flying, purple Pokemon.


“Go Natu, charge with Peck,” Natu charged the yellow mouse and jabbed, sending Pikachu across the water.

“What is sis doing. She could have taken out that Natu with one attack right there,” Daisy protested.

Vanessa withdrew, watching Pikachu idle around the icy pond.

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