Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 32

“Let me hear it  for your winner, Max!”

The crowd, livid with Max chants and excitement for their psychic trainer. Tyler and Daisy already left their seats to meet Vanessa at her tunnel. Max waved with his white gloves to the crowd until the tunnels darkness removed him.

Franklin ran from the repetitive chants to empty corridors, cold and abusive. Decorated walls of past champions, the most recent, Vanessa smiling with her prized Pokemon Egg. Corridor ended, greeting the tunnel entrance, to find Daisy standing behind Tyler watching Vanessa. She was engaged in a one-sided chat with the same old man who spoke with Julie and met Vanessa at her cabin. The old man had the same to henchmen he had with him at the cabin, yet, more determined and battle struck.

The old man raised his voice, “…reason you got their in the first place. Just remember that next time.

“There won’t be a next time,” Vanessa sputtered.

The old man rose his eyes, “I know, we are done here. Your lucky this tournament is all you lost.” The old man lowered his eyes and met Franklin’s again.

“You’ll remember this next time you cross Team Rocket.”

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