Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 33

“That it! Franklin takes the round 2-0!”

The lights turned the crowd into joyful shadows clapping and cheering from above.

The corridor under the stadium was shelled in silence. Only distinguishable sound is the clack of heels of the nurses as they rushed to aid the downed Pokemon.

Tyler and Daisy were the only ones paused with joy, waiting in the lobby without Vanessa,

“Where is your sister?”

Daisy couldn’t meet Franklin’s eyes, “I’m not sure. She went down to the Pokecenter but we haven’t seen her since. She told us to watch your matches and to stay here.”

Tyler’s eyes wandered around the emptying lobby with hope drained trainers, mourning eyes, and dragged hearts.

Franklin’s win was drowned by the absence of Vanessa, “We should really go after her,” remembering the other missing member of the party, “Have you guys seen my dad?”

Tyler and Daisy neither jumped with knowledge, “Franklin, you can’t go anywhere yet. You still have another match today,” Daisy reminded.

Franklin remembered the loosened tails of his first catch and headed towards their seats to prepare for the next match.


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