Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 35

“Wow, Franklin! Your last battle was amazing! When your Slowpoke took that Growlithe by surprise,” Greg said reminiscing on the day.

“Greg, leave Franklin alone. We still couldn’t find his dad or Vanessa,” Daisy intervened. 

Greg halted in mid speech and looked at the pale moon. 

Crowds exited the busy stadium and dispersed into the streets. Daisy and Greg led the way through the forest, the same path Vanessa led them on only a day before.

The hoot’s were non existent. The moon illuminated the earth below the trainers feet. 

“Daisy, look,” Greg said pointed to the sparks shooting into the sky.

Greg and Daisy shared a look and continued on as the sparks burst through the sky like an electric knife through the moon above. 

Vanessa stood with her face covered with a hood and her Raichu shocking a straw filled dummy. The dummy showed small burn makes being replaced by new ones with each bolt from the mouse.

Daisy and Greg didn’t approach her and walked into the cabin leaving Franklin behind. Suddle whimpers came from the hood and Raichu placed his small yellow hand in hers.

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