Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 36

Morning peeked over the cabin. Franklin arose slowly as the rays kissed his cheeks. Vanessa and her family weren’t in the room when his bare heels touched the cold wood. Out the window, the forest slowly consumed and sun, chasing the shadows over the quiet ridge beyond the reach of the sun.

Vanessa slept on a fallen log covered by a sun beat blanket. Raichu lined up along a crippled tree, sparks exploded from her fist, charged and leaped striking the tree. The now broken tree collapsed softly into the Earth, never waking Vanessa.

The living room was full of Pokemon. Greg and Daisy among others that Franklin has never met. Daisy and Tyler worked silently together, making chow of bliss. The aroma lifted the room and the Pokemon huddled close to Daisy and Tyler hoping for an early taste, never waking Vanessa.

Fresh air blew the twigs from the recently shattered tree around like leaves in autumn. Raichu sat near Vanessa, quietly watching over her. Pokemon chirped overhead in passing, Raichu’s focus never wavered, she turned to the logs and lifted it towards a stacking pile, never waking Vanessa.


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