Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 38

The sun peeked over the stadium as hopefuls and fanatics rushed to their seats.


Franklin unmasked the crowd, slashing his arms behind and forward. Martin stood alone at the entrance. Martin’s eyes were hard and never moved away from Franklin.

Daisy and Tyler stood behind as Franklin approached Martin,


“Frank, we need to go home.”

Franklin shook as people continued to enter the stadium.

“Martin, we can’t leave. I’m, I’m so close. Vulpix nee”

“Frank. We need to go home. A man approached me.”

Franklin saw the old man flash before his eyes behind Martin, entering the stadium. He watched his father hold in everything, unable to convey further.

“He can take our home away, Frank.”

Daisy gripped Franklin’s arm gently as he began to lose his footing. Walking away slowly towards the entrance, hearing the voices of his friends and his father, yet, couldn’t make out the words.

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