Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep.39

Franklin stood alone in the tunnel. The crowd muffled, awaiting the announcers call.

Franklin stared at the given Pokeballs. Remembered Vulpix unconscious in his arms rushing towards the Pokemon Center. Daisy’s and Tyler’s face of excitement as the final eight was about to begin. Vanessa.

Franklin remembered the premier ball left by his mother. The industrial paint chips left when they moved into his childhood home. The only two things Franklin has left if her.

“Next up, our last final eight match of the day, trainer 0023 Michael the earth tamer!”

The muffled crowd broke their silence for their hometown hero. 

The cold broke across Franklin’s skin. The call came like a shivering gust across Franklin’s cheek. 

The crowd apprarend lukewarm in their showing. Michael’s eyes were intense as he gripped his tournament Pokemon waiting for the battle to begin.

Franklin found his father’s eyes in the crowd and he gave him a unowing nod.

“Trainer ready. Begin!”

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