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Trainer Orange Ep. 40

The light shone over the announcer. Michael held the ball high and released and Franklin followed.

“Michael has a Rhyhorn! Franklin matched with a Koffing!”

Rhyhorn shinned under the lights, bright silver, horn on the tip of its nose held high. Digged up the earth with its hooves and locked eyes with the Koffing.

Koffing hovered over the earth stadium. Spotted smog from openings around its oval body. It’s eyes fell lazily around the stadium, drunken from idleness.

Rhyhorn charged, “Rhyhorn, horn attack!” Rhyhorn sent Koffing to the ground, staggered around before resetting.

Franklin watched the Koffing, stumbling on imaginary words, commands for his last battle. His father watched him carefully, the only one in the crowd sitting among the cheering.

Rhyhorn smashed its horn against Koffing and sent it flying backwards, to the edge of the arena. Franklin dropped tears to the battle field as the Rhyhorn delivered the finishing blow to an already staggered Koffing.

“First match, to Michael!”

Both trainers returned their respective Pokemon as the crowd continued with their Michael chants.

Michael, eagerly released his next ball. “Another ground Pokemon, a Geodude!”

Franklin stared at the ball and returned it, and began walking towards the tunnel. The announcer shouted at Franklin, away from his microphone.


Franklin’s head jerked up, Franklin met Vanessa’s eyes at the tunnel. Vanessa’s arm’s were crossed and standing straight with an arched brow and squinting eyes. Franklin sank into her eyes, and she gave him a thumbs up.

Franklin retreated to the arena and readied his next ball.

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