Scene · Writing

The Great Discovery

She sat in the weakened Earth holding her spade under a family of lanky trees. Clouds passed over her and she didn’t flinch, only continued to excavate.

Passed over the layer of fresh earth, the unavailable eyes hover over for only a second to blissfully pass. Soft brown, alone and the haircut of a beginning sprouted fruitfully.

Peeled the Earth apart like an onion in her hands. Life folded around her, miniature life forms, stretched worms curled around the roots of sprouting saplings ended too soon.

Warmth of the foundation of her today, she held in her hand, smoothed in her fingers. Smaller beings existed in her palms, crawling around her knuckles, fishing around her muddy boots.

The blazing heat of the crust pressed up against her cheek. She never wavered, challenging the heat of the invincible deity, in its own home, before the gods. She watched the core’s eyes flash around her human body, judging, luring her closer. Charred gates opened for her, and she entered without a cooling third thought.

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