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Trainer Orange Ep. 41

Micheal staggered, watching the referee make the call, “Geodude is unable to battle, Franklin wins this round.”

Franklin heard the mixed cheers and Daisy screaming louder than everyone else. Martin couldn’t meet Franklin’s glare, only the aisle where his feet rest.

Vanessa stood in the corridor barely visible with her arms crossed never taking her eyes off Franklin.

Franklin readied his next, “Ponyta!” Michael followed, “Wooper!”

Vanessa showed life with a nod of disgust and a savage bite on her bottom lip. Franklin realized this match was rigged, all the type match-ups are in Michael’s favor.


“Go, Wooper, Water Gun!” The light blue small Pokemon inhaled deeply and shot a stream of water towards Ponyta.

The flaming horse whinnied and dashed to the right leaving the water jet to splash into the first row.

“Ponyta, Quick Attack!” The flaming pony blitzed towards the unprepared water Pokemon sending him to the soft Earth arena.

“Wooper, stand up!”

“Another, Ponyta!” The horse only appeared as a blur dashing across the battlefield, greeting the opponent Pokemon with her engulfed mane.

Wooper’s eyes swirled around, unable to stand. “Wooper is unable to continue, Ponyta, and Frankin is the winner!”

Franklin returned Ponyta and embraced the sudden change in the crowd. Vanessa with the largest grin and her brother and sister cheering above their seat only Martin was absent.

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