Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 42

The crowd stormed from the stadium and into the empty streets. Shops closed sign reflected the centered moon above. Tyler and Daisy talked about the matches as they lead Vanessa and Franklin into the street. Martin was still absent from the crowd. Daisy mentioned she didn’t even notice him leave. She swore he was still there until the final attack.

“Ponyta was so amazing! She was fast and Wooper never had a chance!” Tyler nodded at everything Daisy said about the match. Every detail down the micro, Daisy retold as if she were the one in the battle visualizing each left and right turn.

The forest was quiet tonight. No Pokemon traveled across bushes or above the trees. Daisy and Tyler sped up from Vanessa and Franklin, racing to the end. Vanessa never took her eyes off the road, no waiver, or look of question.

Franklin watched Vanessa from the corner of his eye. She never said a word, just kept her arms to her side and continued into the forest until arriving at the cabin,

“Good job, Franklin.” She vanished into the house with Daisy and Tyler. Franklin watched the clouds bury the moon and shrouding the forest below. The hoots came out. Slowly as the moon emerged from its momentary slumber, the hoots vanished right along with it.

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