Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 43


“Franklin, wake up!”

Franklin rose slowly, the window was edged open, “Common, Franklin, lets do some early hunting,” Tyler said with eager in his eyes.

The sun followed Tyler as he walked into the forest, far ahead of Franklin. Bushes and trees rustled along the walking path.

“Tyler, where are we going?”

“Going to catch a Pokemon today, today feels good!”

Tyler stepped lightly through bushes and around trees. He held a Greg in his hand, awaiting a feral Pokemon.

Franklin watched Tyler, emulating his movements, trying not to scare away anything.

The bush, it rustled adjacent to Franklin. His head bolted, waiting for another sign of life. It shook again. Blue highlighted ears flung above the bush and a round tail emerged around the other side.

Tyler turned and made eye contact with Franklin, and saw the bush move a third time. Tyler nodded at Franklin vigorously and pointed at the bush. Franklin reached for a Pokeball and dropped it on the Pokemon’s head. Large red light took Franklin’s eyes for a shock and swallowed the mysterious one.

Tyler rushed over and peered into the bush, watching the Pokeball shake until the middle ring halted and turned white. Tyler picked it up,

“You caught it, Franklin, must have taken it by surprise. Lets see what it is!”

Franklin picked up the ball, and released it.

“Franklin, that’s a Marill!” Marill had round blue ears, and a round blue body with a white belly and a jagged tail with a sphere blue ball at the end. Marill looked around confused and tired.

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