Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 44

Marill strutted in front of Franklin, tail raised high into the air.

“This is weird, Franklin. Marill is really calm. Even after being caught. It’s like she doesn’t know or just doesn’t care.” Franklin heard everything Tyler was saying, yet, he couldn’t take his eyes off his new friend.

Vanessa sat outside with Raichu, watching the sun rise. Raichu locked eyes with Marill and sparked her cheeks and clutched her fist. The electric surge crawled up and around the cabin, rising Franklin’s hair on his arm. Marill cowered and curled her body into a ball before the frightening Raichu.

Franklin ran in front of the ready electric mouse, “Stop, Raichu! Marill is with me!” Vanessa rested her hand on her sparking companion’s shoulder and she halted her electric stream.

Franklin watched Vanessa’s palm lift from Raichu, clean and unchanged. Vanessa walked over to the turtle Marill and brushed her fur. Marill jumped from her cocoon and brushed against her hand.

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