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Trainer Orange Ep. 45

Franklin returned Marill to its Pokeball and placed it on his belt Tyler gave him.

Daisy and Vanessa stepped out of the cabin, ready to head into the city for the final day of matches.

The tranquil forest spoke only in bush rattles and trees rustling against the wind. Pidgey’s flew above Franklin and his friends against the wind, headed to the pier, followed by a flank of Spearows. Ahead on the trail, a family of Nidorans, marched across the walking path, deeper into the forest. Franklin felt his fingers curl against Marill’s Pokeball. Franklin eyed, Daisy and Tyler, talking about today’s matches not even looking at the family of Pokemon ahead and above. Franklin rested his fingers and saw Vanessa, itching against Raichu’s Pokeball.

The city charmed the spectators, showing Red’s last battle against Lance over the large screen. Franklin has seen the match at least a hundred times, Daisy and Tyler ran into the crowd to get a closer look.

“What do you think of this match, Franklin,” Vanessa asked. While he’s seen it a hundred time, the analysis was absent.

“I think, Lance gave the win to Red. His Dragonite shouldn’t have been bothered by Red’s Charizard.”

Lance’s Dragonite versus Red’s Charizard was the final battle in their latest rematch, and the most memorable.

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