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Trainer Orange Ep. 46

Red flicked his hat up and threw the worn Pokeball.

Charizard roared, spewing flames from his belly.

Lance’s Dragonite clasped her hands together and rolled her neck. Smoke blew from her nostrils and smashed her tail against the Earth shaking the crowd in their seats.

The announcer ran his flag down and Charizard stormed into the sky and Dragonite was hot on his tail. The play-by-play caller was always an attack or six behind. Charizard’s Flamethrowers sizzled Dragonite’s collar, but she was too quick. Dragonite mangled Charizard’s tail, slowing his flight to a glide, then a dive.

Dragonite’s Dragon Pulse met Charizard’s Flamethrower lips to lips and exploded. The smoke blew through the crowd and silenced everyone. The smoke shifted side to side, Charizard was the first to roar, then Dragonite gave a scream. She sank to the stadium, crashing, Charizard flew through the smoke and halted in front of her. Charizard’s Fireblast surprised Dragonite and her Protect was late. Smoke blew off of Dragonite, than her eyes met his.

Franklin’s favorite part, Lance and Red, never uttered a command. Lance’s arms crossed and locked eyes with Red’s. The battle played out different in each of their battles, this was Charizard v Dragonite six. Dragonite won three, and her last match mostly.

Dragonite channeled her Hyper Beam, Charizard charged his Overheat, then screen turned to a commercial for Poke food.

“What! How could they! Franklin! Franklin, what happens!”

Frankin heard Daisy, felt her, pulling at his sleeve, “Charizard ties the series with that one.”

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