Trainer Orange Ep. 30

Trainers flooded the entrance.

“Martain! Hey, dad?” Franklin scurried through the crowds.

“Hey, Franklin we can’t look for much longer. Our matches are gonna start soon,” Vanessa reminded.

Franklin’s paniced expression warped into determination.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” The crowd erupts to the voice of the play by play analyst.

“Round thirty-two’s will begin! After today we will have eight remaining!”

“First match of the day, our defending champ, our electric lady, Vanessa!”

Vanessa graced steps echoed the crowds roars as the spotlight followed her light work.

“Her opponent, you know him well, the mind-reader, Max!”

The max chant stormed the stadium like a lighting storm.

“Wow a rematch of last year’s finals,” Daisy whispered. “Get him big sis!”

Max white boots clacked along the stadium floor, his long white scarf dangled to his heels, and his usual showsmanship, floated three Pokeballs above his fingers.

The referee didn’t say a word and lifted his hand, the signal.

Max moved first, “It’s an Exeggcute!” 

Exeggcute was a peach Pokemon, six peach eggs with different expressions and eye movement. 

Vanessa returned serve, “Ah a Voltorb!”

Voltorb, looked like a Pokeball. Top red and bottom white with a large grin and sharp eyes.

“And the battle is on its way!”

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