Poetry · Writing


The timeline is shattered.

You were supposed to ask Susy.
Not Dillian, Dillian? 

Nobody even likes Dillian,
but she is going with him

because you didn’t show
the courage. Dillian? 

That guy? Your better than Dillian.
It’s cool. All we gotta do is

make Dillian disappear.
Yeah yeah it’ll be easy,

just a slip down the stairs.
Slip Lax into his lunch

can’t go if he’s shitting
his brains out. Or.

Or I’ll kidnap him 
Yeah it’ll be easy, steal mom’s

car, pick him up, dump
him at the lake.

Fuck Dillian.
Susy doesn’t even like

Dillian. I’ll just go
with her sister. Get her 

pregnant and get back at
her that way. Take Dillian

eh? Fuck Dillian.
Can’t go if I drowned him.

Oh shit it’s seven o’clock
Mom? Can we go now?

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