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Did I take it too far

Did I take it too far?

I saw you from across the room

a smile of shy delight and the eyes of

an angle painted in the sky and I said

hi – I couldn’t muster much more without spilling mustard on the floor.

Did I take it too far?

The morning I thought you were gone

the bracelet of my home I applied it to your arm

and I watched you


back into the raft and paddle upstream

pouring my life on the mic downstream

close encountered that lightning that struck twice

and I was alone.

Did I take it too far?

I did that time- and I was sorry

the truth came out on Baffin Bay

blasting day and you didn’t stop.

We danced we sang we laughed in the rain

and I didn’t want to stop but

Did I take it to far-

off the rocker in my head the clouds spelled clear the clouds

and make the lean mean machine with a heart skip the trip to Oz.

Can hear Aunty raising her voice to sweet pedals

bashing the box weak little fox- stand back-

this isn’t your night

Did I take it to far-

applied to be the stunt man of the past

so I can do everything that they were too afraid to do

I checked weekends and holidays

called Aunty again to remind her

that I took it too far.



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