Poetry · Writing

Bad Days, Bad Weeks, Bad Months

Happy ever after

single hint

never mentioned the purest moments

fine print.

It’s the mirror, kaleidoscope

moving history in my eyes, floating:

The first kiss

the first month

the first fight


makeup again

meeting the parents

they still hate me

you wear my ring

the night we got our first dog from the rescue shelter

we called him Raisin.

never mentioned the purest moments

single hint.

Breaking promises

it wasn’t her- words tripped a long the checkered flag

threw the ring

phone doesn’t ring

still with her mom

they really hate me now

haven’t seen Raisin in a week

have never felt this weak.

Happily ever after

the fine print.

Sister is getting married

she stole our wedding plans

down the Rockies along the river bank

we laughed and hoped she tripped

not really though

but maybe just a small trip

you stole the show

and I remembered,

It’s the mirror.

Bad Days will come

Bad Weeks will follow

Bad Months will drag

a single hint?

No one ever mentioned the purest moment

was the Bad, the happy ever after, the fine print

and we danced.

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