Poetry · Writing

Madness or Truth

Never more honest than when I am here

a pure goat climbing the mountain to see what’s at the top

and who will be there.

Madness will set you free

and I see the burning wheels in my hands

and in my nightmares

madness set me free

and rules will only serve as gentle reminders

that others wait to be unlocked.

You test me-

like a trial of physical endurance and

mental fortitude and I find solace

in your quest-

to run at your speed only for you to sprint

and curse the chaser.

Stand on a one a scream it’s a seven

to truly be a ten I needth to remove

our beraings and live by no chain.

Madness removed the walls

learning the place I exist in

like it or not, I’ll peel

and adapt

trapped no more in petty withholding

and I’ll take what I want

and you’ll join me at the top-

madness won’t let thy go anywhere


You’ll be the constant ticking in my skull

transferred details of a human I once was

and now exist as two

as one.

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