Poetry · Writing


i knew it would be hard but

you never know until the day comes.

looking in between this fence

sign reads- “Just Settle”

i can’t find the courage to settle for something less than magical.

i’ve seen the highs of the hills and the clouds below

just wouldn’t understand.

snow ball fights and ski lodges

on the other side of the fence.

would you, settle? honestly?

take a seat and willingly accept

that this new source of  feeling is- can be- something

and place it down and walk away-

would you?

a day like today-

a little bit of Summer and hazing desert,

the something new is around the corn-

i’ll never want to stop climbing that mountain

where the fences aren’t high

and the Summer holds their chase.

will look down one day at those in Summer-


wondering why we struggled to stay put

or i’ll stand on this side of the fence

a protester without a sign

and just a bit of magical incentive

and a story about a mountain.

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