Poetry · Writing

The Idea of Perfect

I challenge

all of you tonight-

to not settle for something less than perfect.

the food you eat

the gas you pump

the perfect catch on a cold river day with your son’s gentle eyes holding you in the highest regard.

Try it. It might click-

we should shoot for the five out of five

the dream

the top restaurant in the city

the trillest party

the perfect kiss.

We live these dreams

through our media

tell ourselves its scripted

real life flips channels faster.

Go out-

find the perfect tacos


tell the person that you can’t get out of your head that your sick of them running through your head

where are you

what are you doing.


I plead- try.

It won’t work all the time-

you’ll miss the train

lose your wallet

fall into a puddle.

You know, the scene where the girl dumps the guy and his life is over?

that’s that moment.

but take that moment

to appreciate that you tried to achieve

and try again soon.

it’s out there- I know it is-

I want to share it with you

the perfect pancakes

the sun rising with crimson red and orange orange behind a photo lens

the night that person calls you back.

It’ll be worth it-

accept my challenge

and I can’t wait to hear about your perfect day.

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