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Loony Bin

i fear i’ll go insane

miss a dot over an i

trade an eye for a slippery slope

and float- away.

i question everything

without concrete grasp it slips

and one day i’ll flip and trade what i believe

for a handmade hand.

i can tell you’ll worry

it’s not a matter of time or work

more of a when a dime doesn’t stop spinning

and i’ll be trapped with carved tallies


remembering the follies one at a time.

i can break the loop

the key will hide itself

with a keystroke it’ll be here nor there

but i’ll be gone.


you’ll find me

cradled with a candle and lighter

chasing my shadow away

so i can have true solitude.

you’ll try to save me

but i’ve already saved myself

from demons that can no longer exist

in a body of complete forfeit.

you’ll bring pictures

a dinner we once had

a kiss we once shared

a time where time was just a measurement and not a hysterical critique

and i’ll beg my shadow to return.

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