Poetry · Writing


Rolling in the deep end

letting someone new in

drives you crazy.

Rolling in the deep

throw a dell out the window

still couldn’t stay away.

Featured in Time magazine

without a watch

counting the seconds fly by:

no one’s watching,

two times I called and the answering machine is the only one to comfort me

and no one’s watching.

Wasting time counting the time

should be searching every nook

together for Oblivion

yet we’re fighting for a chance

to stay alive in a world where

Oblivion is everything.

The map rest in our lap

we cover it with song lyrics and a history book

we disregard the map, I found you there

lying at the door without a ticket.

a couple bucks for parking

snubbed at the door.

We have the map

the door you’ve seen up close.

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