Poetry · Writing

Something Simple

What happens after you know


when you know that you’re all I think about

when I’m writing it’s you on the paper

when I’m drawing it’s you in my eyes

it’s further then falling- I’ve crashed and holding onto you for air


what happens when you know

I only want to spend time with you

pick up markers from the store and write it on every surface

and it’s your face I can’t seem to shake


it’s not an illness but a blessing

to be in your presence I know I know

I’ve never taken it for granted

counting the seconds till you return

what happens when you know I check the watch on and off as many times as my eyes                                  blink


what happens when I tell you I just want to come home to you;

something simple- maybe a roast just a few jokes and will fall asleep

isn’t that the dream- have it every night

waking up to some toast and a fresh pot

but you’re all the energy that I need-


I pause, does this make me weak-

or answering the higher calling

that I can be stronger each and every week

as a we.


what happens when you know I want to want to wait for you down the aisle-

watch you worry about every step but never look down,

freezing cold hands but never look down


it’ll be okay because I’m not afraid-

it’ll be okay because you’re still reading and not running for the hills-

it’ll be okay because I’ve never looked down.

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