Poetry · Writing


no matter where life takes me

you’ll find me with a smile

you touched a part of me

own man but you left your style

with me,

watched you take off

I knew it would all payoff-


still left in awe

still hasn’t hit me yet

still wake up and here you like you haven’t left me yet

let’s make a bet

you’re still smiling through all this shit

you were alone and I understand that shit

I know the feeling,

being surrounded and being alone

won’t pick up the phone

home was never a throne.


You left your mark,

Scott, Malcolm and Donald

I still hold you close

and you’ll never be far.

I borrowed your art and found mine

rewind, just a kid, looking for a world to hold


what a guy, blindfold-

and now I know it’s already mine

let it age like fine wine

I’ll never forget and that’s forever

truly the best day ever.

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