Poetry · Writing

My Favorite Part

Said, you just don’t know how beautiful you are

and baby that’s my favorite part


walkin’ in a petal dance

of tulips carefree and effortlessly

and I’ll watch every step

you’re an angle to my eyes


you walk around so clueless to it all

like nobody gonna break your heart


and I won’t baby girl

it’s all mine and my precious sweetheart

and I’ll take my time

my love won’t go


and it’ll be alright babe, see, me, I got you covered

I’m gon’ be your lover, you might be the one


and I’d give anything to keep

how priceless that is

step by step and dancing slow

and worth every penny


if it’s only tonight, ayy, we don’t need to worry

we ain’t in a hurry, rushin’ into love.

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