Poetry · Writing

Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza

We just some motherfuckin’ kids~


Wanting to go back-

video games and a cold drink

waking up when the sky is done

and toasting to the lives we will always live-


boy were we fuckin’ crazy,

still- the pizza was better then

way too much sugar callin’ it two AM parties

not much-needed but you know when it’s gettin’ started

all the boys and a battle plan

just a far away planet and two controllers

stayin’ alive on kool aid and frozen pizza-


the easier days, only problem was runnin’ out of batteries

runnin’ out of retries

carin’ about what was the next episode

never whats gonna be our next meal

feedin’ dimensions of our mind we tuned out

travelin’ dimensions to escape the tunnel vision.

so far apart it’s a different dimension

this path can be too difficult to mention

to atone for the wars fought to break tension.


I like to think we never left that war,

sittin’ aside full of pride eatin’ a side of fries-

pardon- step away from the tv

nothin’ left but to fly away on this banshee.

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