Poetry · Writing

Ghost Hunting

Well I well I well I

feel like this is it

either all in or all out

won’t tap out fear these words from my mouth

pull it out find the figure pull the trigger now you’re done talkin’ shit

now that’s a foul one-

too dizzy to pull up on.


but this is different shit

feedin’ me all that different shit

bullshit is still bullshit tell me the light has changed

we’re still unchanged until I become unchained and peel off this paint-

some beastly shit

still can’t touch me though

it’s easier to say you’re a ghost then to say you touched me

so just keep your hands fallin’ through

no follow tho and we keep up on

all these ghosts we sight seein’ but it was nice meetin’

just play some duck hunt and leave me alone.


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