Poetry · Writing

Remembering How To Walk

Some days you’re just feelin’ it

makin’ moves swearin’ to god you’re just killin’ it


and you crash and you’re just swearin’ to god.

He’ll give it and take it away

candy from a baby learning how to walk

I’m tellin’ you this not to downplay

that nothing is a lock

matter of a fact it’s a fact that will all be attacked

sacked in the endzone and it’ll slow down.


Waiting in a quiet room

lady down the hall with a broom

I’ll just see me in the reflection

sweepin’ it all under the rug

and I’ll remember-

when I learned how to walk

a god among men with roses at my toes

a standing O and they’re all waiting for an encore

but they’ll have to wait-


time isn’t right until the night and the fight fall my way

and it’ll be a fine day just me and my girl some might say

I’ve never seen that look before calling it the sweep you off your feet feeling

and dealing nothin’ but twenty ones but all I need is this ten

the eleven was finding my feet.

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