Poetry · Writing

Truth in Distance

You only truly know. When you’re away.

The subbtle grace of her fingers wraped around

my nape and brushes it with a tender flex.

A craving quenched when breathing the same-

It’ll climb, her grasp, the tip of my person,

finding the purpose of my existence as she

waves her fingers through my hair

like a fairy.

Satisfaction found through your presence,

eyes stick me like a dagger and I trouble to meet-

scared you’ll find the truth with your glare.


Knowledge seeker and heart thief on your id

didn’t check it at the door or I would have known,

caught with my pants down. Found the truth

in mile away-

wanderer, the message behind every post

and lamp that each second becomes heavier.

You’ll laugh, say I’m silly, but you know.

Playing it safe and answering with hey,

just one y, don’t want you to think I’m crazy.

What did I do today? Wasn’t thinking about you all day,

at least by your records.


A solace or a wish, through the winter and the day

you’ll find me awaiting your time-

awaiting your seeking eyes

time will catch up to me

for you’ll know the truth

through my eyes or my lips

that I’ll cement myself down

and never leave your tender heart.

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