Poetry · Writing

The Last Script

hey- just one y

don’t want to blow this

I’m here for a long time

not a single episode a series

on tv for generations.


Never saw a trailer

didn’t know this is where I’d be

putty in your palms

can have me in any way you want

just love being your co-star.


Butterflies when the ellipsis comes

what are you saying

jumping up and down

hiding my face from the world

hey good morning how are you

and my cheeks explode

floating to heaven

but I have to reply

because you are the one.


Now we’re on set

after rehearsal and make-up

it’s my favorite scene

the last first kiss-

and I’ll reminisce.


After all the lines and the shooting

will meet in trailer

to practice our lines

and it’s all in Braille

all over your body.


I remember when they were casting

saw you way in the back

thought you were so perfect

now we’re all over tv

what a wonderful match.

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