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Lotto Tickets

winter time

frozen tears in my eyes

all out of juice

something like a tin man

need a little loving to feel my knees

wagging my tail at the sound of those keys

just as foolish as that good boy

never got any warmer three coats later

ever seen a goat in a coat

you’re about to see one walk out of here

nor here nor there gone in the wind

maybe in kansas or colorado

always been a little rocky

but that river still calls to me

like jumaji those drums beat for me

crossing in wind and snow

with nothing to show

a bag and a book

a fool i was called a not a spare second

the keys will rattle

and echo through my brain

three states away

will you find me

or is that a pipe dream

are you even looking

or am i out buying lotto tickets

will you take that chance

or turn the heat on

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