Poetry · Writing

Opening the Airlock

We grew, together

holdin’ hands through pictures

mind the gap in time

I promised it would all be fine

just not all the time.

I know I can be an asshole

makes you want to leave to the south pole

couldn’t get you to stay

a little lost a lone stray

diggin’ a hole and it’s not finished

can’t put the shovel down or start another hole

and that’s a different story

flippin’ the pages it’s just too lonely.

Was always workin’ on me

but you were here with me

never stopped to smell the roses

hell couldn’t get you outside like a poem

missin’ the point it was right under our noses

watering the garden

but never saw it through

and now it’s through

through all in all you’ll still be the one

chasing but it was a hit-and-run

chasing running water

graduated from running college it’s my alma mater

but I’m still runnin’ never tired

writing this standin’ up always inspired

our song on the stereo

moving pipes Super Mario.

This is not a game

and I always carry the blame

punishing myself staring at the sun

watching the clock run

and I’ve never been that fast

day is gone now it’s overcast

and you’re still gone

telling me to walk-on

you’re so good at it now demonstrate

would be so easy a few blindates-


rather watch the clock

let it dock and I’ll walk

pass the cross walk

counting the days till we make the bedrock

again- but I’ll walk


dreamin’ I unlock that mental block

shake the shell shock

no more double talk

never writers block

it won’t take sherlock

and after the aftershock

will be out-of-wedlock.

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