Poetry · Writing


I don’t got a reason to lie, that’s the truth from the sky

just stayin’ up long enough to breathe now its time to take leave

blowin’ away like leaves payin’ fees bitchin’ about that light breeze

fuckin’ on a sunday- and we finish prayer on the way home.

Back on my shit again and this is my jam

called it out get back in line get with the program

I’m only keepin’ good company

I am not talkin’ to you if you don’t have love for me.


Movin’ aside- oh wait thats you

you’re in my way of me and my crew

you’re such a monday and my friday ass won’t fuck with you

this is the debut

Follow me- I know the way

Yeah, you know you better stand

everybody got money, get the band together

movin’ like you can’t stand the weather

but it ain’t gon’ rain always.


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