Poetry · Writing

Training Day

Trying something new

a long-winded form

but I’m worried-

I’ll run out of words.

When the fountain of youth dries up

and I’m dried up

will the pen be at my side

like a lover in my final moments

or will it leave

like a lover in my worst.

These words are all I have

reading the dictionary like a playbook

like a menu of life

from the fanciest restaurant on this planet

and I’ll be the only alien.

These words aren’t just for me

I want them to carry

carry the ones I love over the threshold

to you reading right now

to drive over to see that person

yes that person the one you deny loving

because it is to hard to or they just don’t know

and tell them that this is for them

and they’ll see your beating heart in your hand.

I know the feeling-

her love to me is like a lightning bolt

entered without warning and left everything inside

melted and soft

but when she leaves it’s all


like a black and white tv after midnight.

So will train these words

put a headband on

turn a lap into a mile

so I can carry this fear in a pocket instead of using these two hands that were just meant to hold you

and these words will carry.

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