Poetry · Writing

Paper Boy

the ground you walk on

is red carpet.

a little sigh and the crowd will cheer

begging to be the one you call-

and i

just a mere paper boy.

only time I’m in your presence is when i read the front page

sometimes past the new shooting

but there you are

a queen.

you know i breathe but you don’t know i exist

walkin’ this earth (the same as you)

just not in your light

and what would the sun be without your beauty to shine on

without your beauty, a poet to rhyme on-

but i

just a mere paper boy


will work my route

spread your beauty

but i will keep one for myself

not just for the crossword later no

but because your mind is the treasure

six letters down and it’s just lovely

and little girls will read this

wanting to grow up and be just like you-


i like to dream that’s our little girl-

you can teach her how to act and speak and be proper

and i-

the perfect throwing technique of a paper

she’ll be unstoppable

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