Poetry · Writing


this one; is for you

yes you, listening to this

reading this

you know me better than most,

passerby will label;

boy girl man fag straight short quiet

but you have seen me

heard me

opened the door i led you to

and the key are the lines that you dotted.

thank you

for hearing me

reading the words that build up

in my blood and my lips

and that kiss was for you

the words that find me when people label me

the restraint felt then to find the paper now

to tell you, you’re not alone

you have me

and i have you

and we’re listening

reading together

drafting lines to sew up this seem when the world decided

to cut us open

our words will heal those who bled

and will remind those who cut

that we are not alone

thank you for listening

thank you for reading.


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