Poetry · Writing

honey dip ii

sometimes you just know-

i do not know how to explain it or to express or tell you to guess what it feels like

but i can feel it

in the tips of my fingers

it is you

the late nights the date nights the great fights

i only want that

with you

a show always getting a new season

no reboots maybe a spinoff

little jet on his own;

a show with its ups and downs but we hold strong

a model for those to say i want that

a jim and pam a marshall and lily tv sweethearts;

this script is tender and soft

but with you it is always right

burning in my chest i need you here

a cure but temporary need hourly doses

of your potion and you will always have roses

so you know that you are chosen

a star in the show, a star to me

nobody else fits that role

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