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Ghost With a Pen

a charade funeral

just to see if anyone would


validation that time well spent was


well enough to leave timed marking on the Earth

and few cheap roses.

he’ll stand in the back-

in zero eyes

and he’ll watch.

some close-

some making appearances to say they came to clear an unclear conscious-

only to go home and finish the bottle they’ve been working on

since the sun rose.

a couple of lovers- a few that brought their new children

a few that remember the good times

a few that wish they never stopped.

a brother who couldn’t keep it together

he still carries around the toy guitar key chain he got on Christmas-

tight in a clutch today.

he’ll make note of those that didn’t show

those that couldn’t say goodbye

those strong enough too-

a ghost with a pen.

the service was garbage-

but no one cared-

they cried with a memory in their mind

and words they never spoke in their heart.

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